On Tyranny Ep. 19 - The Rational Conspiracist

On Tyranny Ep. 19 - The Rational Conspiracist

It will always be for the benefit of conspiracists, to promote the idea that so-called "conspiracy theories" are but the delusional ramblings of a weak mind. So that he can go on conspiring that is ...

Show notes

This week, On Tyranny speaks with Michael Rectenwald, author, scholar, philosophical enterpreneur, and rational conspiracy theorist.

Topics discussed:

  1. What are Conspiracy Theories
  2. Who Benefits from Discrediting them
  3. Covid and the Great Reset
  4. Goerge Soros and the Open Society
  5. A Rational Way Towards a "Science" of Conspiratology
  6. What the Future Holds

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Michael Rectenwald

Michael Rectenwald

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